3 thoughts on “Minneapolis, MN – 11/06/09 – Acme Comedy Club

  1. Wow.. Love the colours.. It's not the way I like eggs to be cooked thoahg.Wus it good?And I notice you have all kinds of utencils and tools. :PYou must have a big kitchen or pantry.

  2. 134 JBJBI’ve done the advanced sci degree route, hoping and praying my kids don’t do the same thing. I did alright in the end, my husband is doing very well, in spite of his degree.: ) But hey, to each their own. I put advanced science in the same category as the study of art, music, etc. If you must do it, if there is no other way to be happy, if it is your calling, yes, then do it, and I will support you. But this lie that they’ve been spurning out telling middle-class kids that we need more scientists and it’s a great career is just that, a lie.

  3. A new Pie and Mash shop, in Lavender Hill of all places, I can hardly believe it. They all seem to be gradually closing in London. Although, strangely; in Essex thr3;#y9&ee still thriving. Basildon, for example, has a handful. Anyway I bloody love P&M, in fact I actually crave it now and again. Manzies, Tower Bridge Road gets my vote for the best.

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