21 Aug

The Twin Cities best underground comedy venue is in danger again! Helpers Hands Urban Action wants to demolish The Comedy Corner Underground and build a community rec. center for underprivileged orphans! We’re tired of being pushed around by “Big Community”!

We got the whole gang together and are going to put on a show to stop it!
Over 20 Minneapolis comedians are lending their voices to our cause for a night of live sketch and short films.

Please! We need your help!

Come see our show or the orphans will win!

The gang is:
Matthew Olson, Jesse Towler, Phoebe Bottoms, Darlene Westgor, Tommy Ryman, Gus Lynch, Gabe Noah, Bryan Miller, Chris Maddock, Valley Meadows, Bill Young, Tommy Thompson, Scott Brady, Amber Preston, Benjamin Denson, Jeff Pfoser, Lyle Larue, Martin Loso, Nate Abshire, Pat Susmilch, Samuel Wilbur, Steve Rath, Katleen O’Brien… plus many more!

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